AR/Shotgun Stock Adapter

Installation Instructions

  1. Be sure firearm is unloaded.
  2. Identify the included hardware:

  3. Remove existing buttstock from your rifle and replace with a pistol buffer tube.
  4. Insert large washer into the washer channel.
  5. Insert 5/16-18 nyloc nut into inside bottom pocket of Headbutt adapter. Note that the proper orientation of nyloc nut has the nylon collar portion positioned furthest away from the large washer as shown:

  6. Attach shotgun buttstock to Headbutt adapter. Bolt in place using the proper 5/16-18 bolt for your stock, which may be slightly longer than the bolt that came with your stock originally:

  7. Insert (ambi) safety selector, selector detent and selector detent spring as shown:

  8. Slide Headbutt Adapter + Shotgun stock assembly onto AR-15 pistol grip mount point:

  9. Mount to pistol grip tab using 1/4-28 bolt & 1/4" washer, then tighten the mounting bolt. Do not over-tighten: