AR/Shotgun Stock Adapter

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is it legal for California featureless?

      Our opinion is that the Headbutt™ when used with a Mossberg 500 stock and attached to a rifle with no other CA PC 30515(a)(1)(A-F) features is a stock and not a pistol grip and as such should be legal under CA law. However the state of California does not issue approvals for compliance products and therefore we advise consulting with a competent firearms attorney before attempting to make any rifle compliant with California assault weapons laws.

    2. Is it comfortable?

      While no grip or stock will be comfortable for everyone, many of our customers have remarked how comfortable it is. It's like shouldering up an old Mossberg shotgun. So don't judge it strictly by appearance. Try one risk-free for 90 days. If you don't love it, send it back for a refund.

    3. It looks like the recoil will throw the weapon up and over your shoulder since the stock is not on-axis with the barrel. How's the effect of muzzle rise and recoil?

      We've sold thousands of units with a similar stock configuration since our company's founding in 2009. The only complaints we've heard about muzzle rise and recoil have come from people who have looked at a photo of the product on the internet and declared that muzzle rise would be a problem. We've never had a complaint about this from customers who've actually shouldered and fired it. Laws requiring a muzzle brake rather than a flash hider are likely also a factor in mitigating muzzle rise.

    4. Is it hard to reach the safety / selector switch?

      People have differing capabilities with their hands. Some customers report no trouble actuating the safety. Most customers prefer to use an ambidextrous ("ambi") safety.

    5. Is it hard to reach the magazine release?

      Most customers have no difficulties. If you have very small hands you may need to rock the trigger hand forward to hit the mag release. Some customers with very small hands report success using the Arredondo mag release or other similar extended magaine release button.

    6. Can you post a photo with a [Brand X] Stock?

      We have a bunch of stocks on hand but there are dozens of Mossberg 500 compatible stocks on the market. It's just not practical for us to try every stock.

    7. Can I mount a bird's head grip instead of a buttstock?

      Mechanically, it will mount with no problem. However our opinion is that this would be a prohibited pistol grip feature and not legal for use on a featureless rifle. For any legal questions your best bet is to consult with a competent firearms attorney.

    8. Will it fit a Remington 870 or other shotgun stock?

      Headbutt SGW-515 fits Mossberg 500 compatible stocks only.

    9. Will it fit on my .308 AR?

      While we can't speak to your particular .308 AR, it fit fine on all the 308 models we tested.