AR/Shotgun Stock Adapter

Typical configuration w/Hogue 12" LOP overmold stock

This product is not currently available for sale while we work on product improvements. Expected to go back on the market October 2018.

The Headbutt™ adapter replaces the pistol grip on your AR-15, allowing it to mate to a Mossberg 500™ compatible stock (Will not fit any other type of shotgun stock). In operation it feels very much like holding a wooden rifle, except that you'll find your neck is less cramped.

This product is manufactured from injection molded glass filled nylon to survive the most challenging missions.




(Specifications are subject to change without notice.)

Shoulders up tight. Solid cheek weld on the buffer tube w/ excellent acquisition of sights.

The Headbutt™ is engineered and tested to work with mil-spec forged AR pattern lower receivers. While the design may work with billet lowers, these lowers often have wide variances in dimensioning that could impact the fit of this adapter. It may be necessary to modify it to fit on any given billet lower.  Modifications of course void the warranty.

Mounting Hardware

AR-15 pistol grip mounting screw (1/4-28 x 7/8" socket head cap screw) and matching 1/4" steel washer included. Shotgun stock mounting washer and 5/16-18 nylock nut are also included.Depending on the particular stock you use, you may need to purchase a slightly longer shotgun stock mounting bolt than what came with your stock. Some typical Mossberg 500 shotgun stock mounting details are spelled out below.

This product carries our 90 day no questions asked, no hassle warranty. If for any reason you aren't thrilled with the performance of this item, simply return to place of purchase for refund. Five year warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing.

This product has not been approved for legal compliance by any state or local firearms regulatory authority. Please consult with a competent firearms attorney before attempting to make your rifle compliant with state or local assault weapons ban laws.

Typical configuration w/Magpul MAG-490 SGA stock

This product is not approved or endorsed by O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.

This product is licensed under U.S. Patent No. 6,374,528