CA-Legal AR-15 Stock Adapter

Stock Attachment Configurations

Please note, photos may not necessarily represent a legal configuration in your state.

Hammerhead is designed to be held with the thumb over the top of the grip. Wrap your hand around it for a secure assertive hold on your rifle.

Here are just a few examples of the many combinations possible with widely available stocks and buffer tubes. The possibilities are unlimited. Crack open your parts bin or order some parts from our store and see what you can come up with.

Type I - (Stock Rightside Up) Configuration:
Pistol Buffer Tube. Stock Mounted to Hammerhead - Right Side Up

Type II - (Stock Inverted) Configuration:
Pistol Buffer Tube. Stock Mounted To Hammerhead - Inverted

Type III (Grip-Only Overhand) Configuration:
No Pistol Buffer, Hammerhead as an Overhand Grip

(Compliance note: mag permanently blocked to 10 rounds, and original telescoping stock is pinned to a fixed length. For California compliance only; this configuration is not recommended for use in New York State)

Type IV - (Grip-Only Underhand) Configuration NOT RECOMMENDED:
No Pistol Buffer,Hammerhead as an Underhand Grip

Note: You cannot get your thumb over the top of the Hammerhead in this configuration! Secure assertive hold not guaranteed in this configuration. This is shown for completeness, but this is NOT a recommended configuration!