Backfin™ Finned Backstrap

Installation and Removal Instructions

IMPORTANT: You must remove the MIAD from the receiver prior to installing or removing the Backfin. Backfin will NOT latch on if the MIAD grip is installed on a receiver.

ANY MODIFICATION VOIDS THE WARRANTY. If you require assistance with installation contact us at

  1. Be sure your firearm is unloaded!
  2. Remove all CA PC 30515(a)(1)(A-F) prohibited features from your rifle:
    • Pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon.
    • Thumbhole, folding, or telescoping stock
    • Grenade launcher or flare launcher
    • Flash suppressor
    • Forward pistol grip
  3. Remove MIAD v1.1 grip from receiver.
  4. Remove your existing MIAD backstrap, and remove any grip core from the base of the grip.
  5. Slide the Backfin onto the back of the MIAD grip until the white nylon spring just touches the bottom of the grip.
  6. Depress the nylon spring with your finger and simultaneously slide the Backfin onto the grip all the way until you hear a soft "click" and see the spring latch into place.
  7. Visually confirm the nylon spring has latched by looking into the bottom of the MIAD grip. If the spring hasn't latched, give it a nudge by inserting a small flat bladed screwdriver into the gap between MIAD and Backfin from the bottom, and applying gentle upward pressure on the nylon spring.  
  8. Reattach the MIAD grip to your lower receiver as usual.
  9. Reinsert grip core as desired.

REMOVAL: To remove the Backfin, first remove the MIAD grip from your rifle, remove grip core, remove the front strap, then reach down through the front strap access port and back into the bottom of the grip with a flat blade screwdriver, and firrmly depress the nylon spring while pushing down on the top of the Backfin. Then slide the Backfin off.